ASQ Canada Conference 2017

September 25 & 26, 2017

A Confederation of Quality Professionals Working Toward an Inclusive and Sustainable Canada


We are happy to acknowledge the efforts of many individuals working for the success of ASQ Canada Conference 2017
(names are not in a specific order)

Tonis Kilp Regional Director, ASQ Canada
Brenda Fisk Deputy Regional Director
Ruth Stanley Co-Chair of the ASQ Canada Conference 2017 Steering Committee and Chair of ASQ Ottawa Valley Section 407
Dawn Ringrose Co-Chair and Canadian Lead for the Global Study on Organizational Excellence
Richard Dare Conference Registrar and Secretary ASQ Ottawa Valley Section 407
Philip Grandy Conference Treasurer and Chair Canadian Public Service And Excellence Network
David Devoe Steering Committee Secretary and Member ASQ Ottawa Valley Section 407
Gary Gehring ASQ Division Liaison and Chair of ASQ Saskatchewan Section 414
Shamir Doshi Conference Presenter and Vice Chair ASQ Ottawa Valley Section 407
Lionel Drouin Presenter, Fire Keeper and Student Project Coordinato
Cathy Campanero Conference Program and Marketing, Member ASQ Ottawa Valley Section 407
Saleem Ansari Treasurer, ASQ Ottawa Valley Section 407
Anjum Shafi Website Developer and Communication Liaison ASQ Ottawa Valley Section 407
Janik Brunet Presenter and Chair ASQ Montreal Francophone Section 404
Robert Demers Project Management and Translation and Chair ASQ Montreal Section 401
Roger Pelletier Volunteer Coordinator and Member ASQ Montreal Section 404
Chantale Simard Treasurer, ASQ Montreal section 401 and volunteer, ASQ Montreal Francophone section 404.
Patricia Olszewska Marketing Professional
Michael Mladjenocic Advisor and Former Deputy Regional Director

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